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Dresses. This article of clothing has caused debate for decades. It’s a symbol of freedom or repression, identity or stereotype, femininity or anti-feminism. Since time evovled it has become attributed to & accepted of the woman & not the man.

Yet looking at earlier replicas of men’s clothing, they wore clothes in drapery that looked like dresses too. Many claim biblically that a woman she should not wear pants. But if they read closely, the Book of Deuteronomy says a man shouldn’t put on clothes pertaining to a woman & a woman shouldn’t put on clothes pertaining to a man.


My understanding translates that to a woman not putting on clothes MADE for a man: their jeans,pants, etc. Some woman purposely wear as a style the boyfriend jeans boyfriend T-shirt, boyfriend jacket, etc., which is a conscious decision. (Memo: I’m not referring to circumstances where a woman or girl is cold & a man offers his shirt or jacket to keep her warm out of kindness & protection, that’s different.)


Yet there are clothes MADE for a woman, such as: leggings, pants, jeans, etc. & weren’t meant for a man. As long as men & women don’t mix them or crossdress, I don’t see what the problem is with a woman wearing female styled pants or jeans. I don’t believe Scripture is violated here. Do you?

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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