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Isn’t it amazing! How touching someone, no matter what age, does so many wonderful things. This touch is so profound that if babies and infants do not receiving cuddling, hugs, & other loving touches they 100% grow up to have an anti-social personality disorder, which usually leads to the harming of others.

It is extremely important to touch newborns as often as time, desire, & space permits. They will grow healthy mentally, spiritually, & physically.

How often has the touch of a loved one made your day easier, lovelier, & sweeter? Touches can say I care, I love, I support.. you. They can calm you from erratic emotions or excite you for intimate play. I think when people are upset, angry, or sad, they have probably been lacking touches in their lives. So the next time you’re out & meet an irate person, ask them do they need a little touch today? They will probably calm down & hug you…


*pics from typorama