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As a feminine woman, I do my best to bring girly things around me in every area of my life. Things that remind me I’m a woman, a feminine one. So I thought about what I believed a girl would have in her everyday bag to be prepared…for anything. Then I checked out other chic’s bag and refined my own.

So here are the results; what I feel every feminine woman should carry around her each day:


Inside my bag:

Hair Tie, black thick

Hair Tie, black thin

2 Bobby Pins

Teeth Cleaner

Pack of Bandages

5 Cotton Swabs

Heart Mirror

Hand Sanitizer

Perfume sample

Lip Balm

Drawstring Bag, pink small

Silver Stud Earrings

Handmade Hand Lotion

2 Candy Canes


Vitamin B pellet


What’s in your bag? Did I miss anything in mine?