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I found a new pastime: audio books.. Now I know this is not new to many, but I’m one of those that still enjoy buying physical copies of a book, manually turning its pages, and marking it up however I feel. So using other technology for book reading is new to me.

Lately, I have been listening to books online. And not just any books, but the most feminine books I could find. What makes them so feminine, you ask? I’ve discovered similar themes in all these books that I qualify as feminine. They are:

🍬Very dreamy, idyllic, & ideal scenes
🍬 Girly values, behavior, & responses
🍬Full of love, emotion, & realistic physiologic reactions
🍬Intricate lives, complex people, & global experiences
🍬Happy stories, cheerful endings, & surprise turn of events
🍬Passionate actors for dynamic diverse characters
🍬Complex speeches, beautiful narration, & lofty sentiments
🍬Great diction, excellent vocabulary, & creative descriptions
🍬 Beautiful young innocent & prestigious heroines

The three best audio books for feminine women I found are:

1. The Benefactress by Elizabeth Von Arnim 1901



2. The Fortunate Foundlings by Eliza Haywood 1755



3. First Love by Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev 1818



The great thing about these particular books is that they’re in the public domain! That means if you have a device connected to Wi-Fi, you can hear these books for free too. Enjoy!! 💝

Have you found any other public domain audio books you can share with me? Please include a link to the source, Thank you!