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I have finally found the secret to great tasting waffles!  Then I reflected on how all foods can follow this same pattern of delicious-ness..


I have a Hamilton mini Waffle maker. I got it after hoping, craving, and praying for one. Now, I often makes waffles with this little oven, and tried to discover why it didn’t taste like the waffles I ordered in a restaurant, especially ‘Roscoe’s Chicken n Waffles’.


Trying new batters and mixes, toppings and drizzles, after several months, just today my tongue has delighted in tasting a long sought for secret:

I used buttermilk pancake batter mix with organic eggs, and almond unsweetened milk.


I let the waffle cook until medium brown and quickly pop it out the oven. The BIGGEST SECRET is to butter (I use vegan organic whipped butter) each and every square generously and let set until melted. Then I drizzle it with cinnamon and 100% maple syrup.



Then I looked at my previous research on the art of plating, which I paid homage to in a set of paintings here, I discovered all great food has these elements:

1. Colorful plate = inviting

2. Drizzle = have toppings of sauces, herbs, spices, or other flavorings

3. Embellish = generously use nuts, garnishes, fruits, or side vegetables

4. Design = the food must be placed artfully on the plate

5. Finish = think you’re done? keep piling more on..

These elements helped all my meals taste like chef masterpieces. What have you learned is the secret in cooking and tasting your dishes?