Domestic Empress

🏠💎🎯  presently, there are diamonds hidden in your own home. This is a well known & ancient fact. In order to discover the diamonds in your home, you must look to improving it every day. Every day you should find something new to clean, make neat, and/or organize. 🎯💎🏠

🏠💎🎯  What are these diamonds? These diamonds are numerous. They are your inspirations, your creations, & your palace. They are your dreams, your hopes, & your victories. They are your battles won, rewards reaped,  & legacies placed.  🎯💎🏠

🏠💎🎯 There is always something new to clean, new to organize, new to make neat. You must look carefully for it, as it is overlooked every day, when you go through your routine and mundane activities. Try to look at everything with fresh eyes, as if a prince or princess is coming over & you want to make everything perfected for them because they are accustomed to living with a high level of excellence. 🎯💎🏠

*unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it,  I have cultivated this habit to such a degree, that I forget to take ‘before pictures’ to show you why the ‘after pictures’ make a difference.  Upon reflection, I’d probably be so ashamed to show you the before pictures, even though I no longer live like that.