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How Music can Control –ahem, I mean– Influence Your Feminine Life….


Music is a conditioning program; whenever you hear lyrics set to a rhythm, your cultivating those frequencies, which penetrate deeper, quicker, & easier with sound, into your genes, as you move and or sing along to a song. Soon your life will create a situation, in some clever and innovative way, that will have stemmed from the root of that song you listened to. It takes a reflective and discerning person to recognize the correlation between the music they listen to and the life they are experiencing.



This is why it is very important to be mindful of what you’re listening to and make sure you agree with all of the lyrics and its delivery (tone, inflection, attitude, spirit), because it will become your life in some kind of ingenious way.


As a feminine women, we should be listening to things that nurture our genetic disposition and purpose. It should create things such as beauty, harmony, balance, & love. These are the things that a feminine woman excels in. She spends a lot of her time meditating and focusing on those elements, as an ultra feminine one.


Some suggestions of good choices are: 

*peaceful instrumentals like classical romance or soothing traditional jazz

*sensual Eastern percussion

*divine inspirational lifts

*dramatic epic moods

*affirming and positive and loving lyrics


When a woman listens to bad sad evil relationship songs, crazy intense wild instrumental tracks, rated X lyrics, pessimistic life perspectives, & etc, she sets herself up for those senarios to play out in her life and if she’s already experienced that, it keeps her in that mindset, halting her growth and deliverance.


Consider the water and plant experiments that were widely publicized, especially water ones done by Masaru Emoto. Like this planet, we are 70% water. Music influences our emotions, thoughts, and speech. A woman creates things in her atmosphere, in her DNA, and in her near future, if not in her present, the energies that reflect from those areas.


What we believe, feel, and speak has resulted in our life, and is our life. Why focus on what you don’t want in life? If you want to change your life in anyway, change the music you’re listening to and start nurturing those things you want.


Curious about my current playlist? As I have many genres-centered ones, I’ll share a few songs from several of them here and here:-)

What are some of your favorite girly feminine songs?