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Why is love the essence  of a feminine woman? Think about the nature of a man for a minute. Especially a masculine one. Men are aggressive hunters who realize, if they don’t find, overpower, & capture, they don’t eat, work, or live. And if they don’t eat, work, or live, they can’t provide. Not being able to provide, whether for themselves, their immediate family, or others, lessens their self esteem & perception.

Because of this, Men are under pressure to live up to their own self image, to measure up to society, and certainly to succeed for their families.  This hunting and providing takes a LOT of their energy, mentality, and time. They don’t have the capacity to constantly dwell from a position of Love. If they did, they would not be able to handle these unspoken responsibilities.

It is in a woman’s nature, as well as her duty, to dwell in “Love”. If she doesn’t, who will bring it into their relationships? Innately, she is the creator, operator, and giver of love. She creates an atmosphere of love in her home and around others and public. She manages when and how to love others to match every unique situation. She gives love to all in her path, whether the recipient is deserving or not.

She has the time, energy, and ability to love. And in giving this love, she positions herself to also receive love. Love is continually flowing toward her life, as she continues to release it to her loved ones, her not so loved ones, and even to pets.

How does she love? We borrow from the famous definition LOVE to get some ideas:

*long suffering – not to endure abuse, but patient with others

*kind –  show kindness to others

*not envious –  be happy for others, but concentrate on your own life

*not boastful or prideful –  sorry no flossing are being full of yourself

*not crass, rude, nor spiteful – be sweet

*selfless –  mothers have perfected this

*has good thoughts –  especially concerning others, this cuts out gossip

*joyful at truth / truthful things – and not deceit, lies, nor evil

*full of hope, faith, belief – not doubting

*patiently endures things of life – with a gift attitude

How will you exemplify Love in your sphere?